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Setting Marketing Goals for 2022

Are you looking to set up marketing goals for 2022, but not sure how to progress? Lets have a look at a few useful tips and strategies, which will help you move in the right direction and set up marketing goals that help your organization excel.

Strategies To Help Setup Marketing Goals for 2022

2021 was a year full of upheavals; from remote work for employees to issues in supply chain, and similar other several problems. However, these challenges also gave insights on how to leverage this knowledge and develop better marketing goals for 2022. Let us look at some steps you will have to follow while creating marketing goals.

Step #1: Review Last Year's Plan & Goals

Reviewing goals you defined for 2021 will be a great starting point. Data analyzed from last year's marketing goals will help you take right decisions this year. Few of the important aspects to look into will be:

  • What are the aspects in which organization did well?

  • Which marketing strategies provided results?

  • Which marketing objectives were not achieved?

  • Was the company able to meet all marketing goals?

By analyzing these details you will be in a better position to avoid using strategies that did not provide desired results last year. In addition, it will become possible to funnel all the resources towards utilization of channels that are more effective.

Step #2: Define Audience

Setting marketing goals will become an easier task when your target audience(s) are defined correctly. If they are already defined, this would be the right time to review them, make necessary changes, and potentially add new ones.

When defining or reviewing your audience, you will have to analyze the marketing channels from which they arrive. This way it will become possible to stick to the most useful channels and enhance your marketing strategies on the basis of what actually works. Before trying some new marketing strategy ensure that it is backed by statistics.

Step #3: Create SMART Goals

Setting goals like “We need to get more customers” will be direction-less and vague. A better option would be to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals that will help you compare goals with actual achievements.

It will also be necessary to set up KPIs for every goal on team and individual basis. This way you will be able to bring in accountability within your team for marketing goals that are set for 2022.

Step #4: Decide About Tactics

Marketing goals can be set and achieved properly when marketing tactics are planned in the correct manner. These tactics should be such that they facilitate SMART goals that you have created. For instance, if one of the marketing goals is to improve brand awareness by 30% in 2022, then there should be well-defined strategy to reach this goal.

Step #5: Define Budget

ROI can be judged correctly when you have a marketing budget in place. Thus, there should be an annual and per channel budget. This way it will be clear that marketing goals have been achieved without crossing the set budget.


To conclude we will say that when setting up marketing goals you need to ensure that they align with your business goals and are achievable. In addition, by following above mentioned tips you will be able to create marketing goals for 2022 that are well planned and will deliver desired results.



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