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How do you Pick a Design Agency to work with? With all the options available out there for graphical and web design how does one go about selecting the best people to work with?

We have come up with a quick 3 point checklist to review to help aid your decision making process.

1. Quality of Work

Ask to see samples of their previous work and projects to get an idea of what the agencies strengths are. Not all design is done the same for each sector/industry, and while there are graphic designers that excel at hospitality design, they might not fare so well with pharmaceutical which generally has more content.

Seeing the finished product that was created will give you a clear idea of the quality of work they do. Your ultimate goal is to work with creative agency that is capable of managing your entire project, right from concept development to personalization, design and the completion of the project at hand.

2. What Services do they Offer?

In today’s market there are all kinds of media for getting your message seen. From Online ads, to print ads to social media and banner ads, you should look to secure an agency that has experience in all these platforms which will make managing your ads and campaigns more effortless and ensure brand consistency. All these platforms for messaging have specifications and vary from size to restrictions. Working with an agency that has the experience in these different medias will ensure that your needs are being address properly.

3. Reliability

Unfortunately, the landscape in today’s job market has us seeing quite a few flaky outfits that promise you the world, but do not deliver what you need and on time. With strict deadlines for a print job or digital ad to make cutoff times, the last thing you want to me doing is worrying if your ad will make it.

Working with a reputable company that can handle your workflow and offers superior customer service will help put this fear to ease. Do your research and interview with a few agencies to get a feeling of how they conduct themselves.

Below are a few questions and things to look for:

  • Are they prompt to respond to emails?

  • Do they returns calls in a timely manner?

  • Do they have guidelines for the design/print work for you to follow and help aid the process or do they fly by the wing?

  • Are there options for expedited services?

Have your questions ready ahead of time to ensure you get the answers you need to make a decision. These are a few aspects to be checked to find the right company that will be able to take responsibility of your design/ web and printing work and provide desired results.

The MGS team has been handling design, print and web work for over 15years. We work with all sized companies across North America helping them create there adverts and print materials on time.

Until next time… Stay creative.



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