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Website Design and Development Checklist for 2020

If you want to take your business online then having a website will be quite important. Most people nowadays purchase products and services online, and as such you need to establish online presence for your business by developing a website that amply represents your business. However, you need to remember that web visitors take no more than fifty milliseconds to develop opinion about a web site. In addition, statistics reveal that almost ninety-four percent of all the negative feedback related to a site are about poor site design. Moreover, over eighty-eight percent of visitors do not return to a site after they have a bad experience on the website.

Thus, it is quite important to pay attention to and implement web design and development elements that web visitors want to see on your website in the year 2020. As such, let us look at few of the important design elements you should pay attention to this year.

Website Design & Development Checklist for 2020

Design Element #1: Add Less Text

The trend of having less text on important pages such as the home page. It has become important to deliver the same message in less number of words than we used to utilize earlier. The details should be crisp and to the point, so that visitors can quickly understand what you want to say.

The best way to reduce amount of text on a page is through use of relevant images and videos. Images and videos are often self-explanatory and help in reducing the amount of content you have to add to explain something about your products and services.

Design Element #2: Highlight CTA

Call to Action (CTA) buttons should be clearly visible on the site. Statistics show that only about half of all websites have a call to action button that is clearly visible within 3 seconds. Thus, if you want to drive conversions then highlighting your CTA button will be very important.

In addition, if the message you want to deliver is same, then the text for the CTA button should remain same all throughout the website. The aim should be to reinforce your actions with a sense of familiarity.

Design Element #3: Improve Navigation

There are many websites that sell the same product or service to customers. As such, if they are not able to find required information on your website within short period of time then they will quickly leave your site.

Additionally, you need to follow basic site navigation rules. For example, most of the sites have navigation on the top as a horizontal strip. In case, you are adding the navigation menu somewhere else then it will certainly confuse your customers.

Lastly, the navigation should have the least number of options since if there are too many options then the customer will get confused and it will also take them longer to find what they are looking for. If your website presents a lot many options then instead of designing a complicated navigation menu what you can do is add search functionality so that users can easily find information they are searching for.

Design Element #4: Make the Website Responsive

Most people tend to browse websites using their mobile phones and if you want to stay competitive then you need to make sure your site is designed to be responsive. Search engines such as Google also rank responsive sites better in their search results.

For instance, on Google SERPs, seventy percent of websites showing up on the first page of SERPs are responsive websites. Thus, you aim should be to develop a website that is responsive and loads quickly on mobile devices.

Design Element #5: Take Care of Security

In 2020, it is important to ensure that your customers feel secured while browsing your site or purchasing something on your website. Due to increase in cyber crimes, it is important to highlight security measures you have implemented on your site. For instance, your site should have SSL certification to ensure information customers share on your site is securely transmitted to your servers.

SSL certification has become even more important since many of the modern browsers such as Google Chrome show a warning to web visitors if they try to open a website which has not implemented SSL certification. If your website does not have SSL then it can significantly cut down the number of visitors that open your site since a major portion of web users nowadays use Google Chrome as their preferred browser.

To summarize it can be said that there are several aspects that you need to look into to meet the expectations of web users in 2020. By following the above tips you will be able to ensure that your site is ready for web visitors.

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