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Flyers vs Postcards – Whats The Difference?

Flyers and postcards are different marketing collaterals and you may wonder which one is more useful and effective. This is the topic we will explore in the following sections and understand differences between the two.

Flyers Or Postcards?

These marketing collaterals are a form of traditional promotional options and provide effective results if utilized in right manner. However, proper design helps to further enhance the effectiveness of message that these marketing collateral deliver.


These have good amount of space, which can be used for providing the promotional information. There are different means of distributing flyers such as, manually passing them out, inserting into newspapers, and putting them on community bulletin boards. Many organizations create flyers that have details of coupons for attracting new customers.


These are available in different sizes. You will find postcards with glossy texture and ultraviolet coating that gives them a special look and feel. If you have planned a special promotion or event, then postcards will be a very good option, helping your business stand out. They do quite well in places such as mail outs and would be able to draw the attention of prospective customers.

Choosing Between Postcards And Flyers

In terms of cost effectiveness, flyers are a better option if you are looking to do a mass mailing as you are able to print them at a lower cost due to the paper weight.

Flyers can be used to highlight the products or services you provide and upsell to clients by highlighting your offerings. If you are a small business then flyers play a supporting role due to their cost effectiveness.

Proper Use Of Postcards And Flyers

  • Don't highlight too many things. Pay attention to a single, primary message. To offer better visual impact and make sure prospects don't feel confused, keep the message concise. Highlight unique selling points in the form of a list.

  • Ensure that the message is targeted to the right people.

  • Check that the call to action used in postcards and flyers is capable of drawing attention of prospects.

Print quality plays an important role and highlights how serious your business is about marketing itself. As such, you should avoid using the office printer or any other similar budget method for printing your postcards and flyers. These machines are not meant to be used for bulk and full color printing with heavy coverage.



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